Script Synopsis


The STORYBOOK LADY greets the audience.  Searching for her book, she does not see the PRINCE and PRINCESS running across the room and out the front door.  Unaware of a huge crash offstage, followed by a puff of purple smoke drifting in the door, she finds the book and  begins to read (NEVER CROSS A WITCH). She is interrupted by SARAH, a little girl in the audience. The Storybook Lady pulls Sarah through the fourth wall and onto the stage.

The Storybook Lady recounts the meeting of Sarai and the DRAGON (TRUST ME) and the Dragon's search for a name (THE NAME GAME), which results in two names  - Ashley Noel - because the Dragon has a split personality. A witch, flying overhead, activates the Dragon’s natural Dragon Alert and it flees with Sarai, the witch, ROSEMARY D. THYME, right behind them. The Storybook Lady is distracted by the unexpected arrival of BILL (Sir William of Linke), who is hunting the Dragon.  Informed he has arrived too early, Bill refuses to leave until he introduces himself (KNIGHT PLIGHT).

There is now not enough time to read all of Sarai's adventures with the Dragon, so the Storybook Lady skips ahead to the Claus residence.  ELFRIEDA and ELLERY enter to tell CLARA (Mrs. Claus) of Elmo's latest clumsy disaster. The lunch bells ring and ELSBETH, ELLA and ELYSE rush outdoors with picnic gear, announcing they are going to the new oasis.  When she realizes what they have said, Elfrieda hurries after them. 

ELMO enters, afraid he does not fit in, but Clara and Ellery reassure him (I LIKE YOU).  Elsbeth, Ella and Elyse rush in, terrified.  Pulling taffy, ELMER and ELIAS run on to announce they have seen a dragon approaching.

Elfrieda enters with the Dragon and Sarai.  After introductions, Clara invites the adventurers to stay for TEA TIME.  They are interrupted by Bill, who has arrived to slay the dragon.  The Storybook Lady snaps her book shut, causing everyone except Bill to freeze.  Again, he is too early.  She orders him out.  He leaves and the song concludes.



It is time to trim the tree (TREE TIME).  Sarai feels safe at long last (THIS IS LIKE HOME).  The Dragon's second personality asserts itself, embarrassing Sarai.  Santa enters, his glasses on his forehead, and mistakes the Dragon for a stuffed toy.  When he realizes Sarai is a real little girl, Sarai confesses that she has no memory of her origins.  The Dragon declares that its real memories began when it met Sarai (DRAGGIN' AROUND).

Bill crashes in to kill the Dragon.   Restoring calm, Santa discovers he cannot touch Sarai or the Dragon, for they have both been exposed to malefactitus.  Santa calls for the sugarcookie dust shaker.  He applies the contents on Sarai and she remembers she is Sarah. A Dragon Alert sends the Dragon into a frantic attempt to hide with  Sarah.   The witch is flying over the North Pole.

Rosemary’s flight ends in a crash; she enters carrying her broken broom.  Not recognizing him, she snaps a spell at Santa which, rebounding, knocks her over;  negative magic cannot be done at the North Pole.  Santa produces the sugarcookie dust shaker, to sweeten her up.  She avoids him (I HATE IT) and runs.

Rosemary bolts into the kitchen, then into the auditorium, everyone after her except Santa, who sits and directs traffic.  Rosemary is caught when Elmer and Elias entangle her in their taffy.

The sugarcookie dust does not work on Rosemary; her wicked reserve is too high.  Elmo runs in from the kitchen with the last sugarplum pie and bumps into Santa, then trips over his own feet. The pie lands on Rosemary's face.  Rosemary licks at the pie.  She is returned to her kind Kitchen Witch self. 

The Dragon now evidences an unexpected third personality.  Encouraged to reverse her spell on the Dragon, (WE LIKE YOU).  Rosemary succeeds and the Prince and Princess appear, happy to be themselves again after a year inside the Dragon.  Santa invites the Dragon, who is now very civilized, to become his pocket alarm. 

Realizing it is time for his rounds, Santa tells the Storybook Lady to reverse her spell on the theater.  She confesses that she cannot, that he has the only magic strong enough.  Santa declares that the only thing he knows that will lift so large a roof is a special song (HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS).  The Storybook Lady bids the audience goodnight.


This production blends music with dialog to create an enchanting story which chronicles the adventures of a dragon named
Ashley Noel and a young girl named Sarai.

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