The Christmas Dragon

Book & Lyrics by Nance Crawford
Music by Malcolm Atterbury, Jr

It is Christmas Eve and Sarai, the Royal Huntsman’s daughter, finds herself lost in the forest. Finding herself face to face with a young Dragon, she tries to escape, but the Dragon catches up with her. Not only can the Dragon talk, it also has two very distinct personalities. The Dragon offers to guide Sarai home. They stumble upon a forest of Blooming Name Trees, which bestow two names on the Dragon: Ashley Noel. The appearance of a witch, Rosemary D. Thyme, flying overhead frightens Ashley Noel and it flees with Sarai. Unknown to Sarai, Sir William of Linke (Bill) is also tracking them, intent upon killing the dragon and rescuing Sarai.

In their haste to escape Rosemary, Sarai and Ashley Noel fall into the Time and Travel Tunnels.

Meanwhile, at the Claus residence, Elfrieda, the Head Cook, and Ellery, Santa’s Factotum, tell Mrs. Clara Claus of Elmo's latest clumsy disaster. Elmo is afraid he does not fit in, but Clara and Ellery reassure him, only to be interrupted when Elsbeth, Ella and Elyse rush in and candy chefs Elmer and Elias run on, pulling taffy, to announce that a dragon is approaching.

Clara invites the adventurers to stay for tea and help trim the tree. Santa, in a hurry, brings in a huge treetop star and leaves immediately. Clara sprinkles Sugarcookie Dust on the tiny tree and it grows to the ceiling. When Santa returns, he at first mistakes the Dragon for a stuffed toy, then is shocked to find that Sarai is a real little girl.

As Santa is introducing himself to his guests, Bill crashes in. Restoring calm, Santa discovers he cannot touch Sarai or the Dragon, for they have both been exposed to malefactitus.

Rosemary’s flight ends abruptly in a snowdrift. We learn that she is an abandoned Kitchen Witch gone bad.

Taking charge of the situation, Santa saves the day.

"Whoever heard of a dragon named Ashley Noel?"

"There's never been one, until me. How do you do? I am Ashley Noel, the First."
Ashley Noel